Meeting Room Rental Agreement

Meeting Name:  ___________________________________________________________ 

The Home Group agrees to be responsible for the following: 

  • Rent as set forth in this contract is $30/Hour or $40/1.5 hour meeting. 
  • A pre-inspection of the condition of the club and rental space including the bathrooms, hallways, parking lot, and any and all surroundings.  If you see something, say something! 
  • The secretary is responsible for the conduct of the meeting, keeping a safe place for your members, and if there is no other group or function at this time the secretary is responsible for the conduct and content of the entire premises.  Let’s all do our best to keep a clean safe place where everyone can come and recover. 

After your meeting is over you are expected to: 

  • Clean the tables and straighten the chairs 
  • Bathrooms are to be checked and cleaned if necessary 
  • Perform a post inspection of all as listed in the pre-inspection 
  • Large and small waste receptacles are to be emptied in the large dumpster behind the building 

If no meeting is scheduled within ½ hour after your meeting ends, all doors are to be locked and the premises secured. 

Primary contact 

Full Name:  _______________________________________________________________ 

Phone:  _____________________ Email:  ____________________________________________________ 

Signed:  __________________________________________________________ Date:  _____ /_____ /______ 

Secondary contact 

Full Name:  _______________________________________________________________ 

Phone:  _____________________ Email:  ____________________________________________________ 

Signed:  __________________________________________________________ Date:  _____ /_____ /______ 

Business meeting (week, day, and time) _________________________________________________________________ 

Received by L.A.C Officer ______________________________________________________ 

If you don’t pay per meeting, please pay your monthly meeting rent amount by check or money order BY THE END OF EACH MONTH

You can mail your check/money order to: 

The Lynnwood Alano Club Inc. 
4001 198th St SW Ste. 6 
Lynnwood, WA  98036